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June 2016

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The SGA product family provides systems and solutions for Signaling Generation and Analysis (SGA). Its hardware platform combines high precision timestamping, lossless packet handling and programmable networking hardware. Programmable networking devices are beneficial for flexible and fast evaluation of new networking applications and paradigms. SGA interface cards and the C-GEP platform offer complete, lossless handling of high speed networking traffic, and high precision timestamping with fine resolution down to 4ns. The devices are based on Virtex FPGA technology, enabling full, bit-level control of the traversed traffic. This makes them both excellent evaluation kits (e.g. for hardware-assisted switching capabilities, new routing algorithms, intelligent node prototyping, etc.), and industrial equipment (e.g. high-speed monitoring, traffic filtering, transaction data record compilation, traffic analysis, deep packet inspection, etc.).

FPGA technology
Field Programmable Gate Arrays are flexible, programmable elements that offer fast customization of the hardware structure. Core modules covering basic and complex functionalities - including packet filtering, manipulation, and forwarding - are widely available. The 100 Gb/s capable C-GEP offers traffic dependent, runtime dynamic reconfiguration for every network application.
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Switch/router evaluation
The C-GEP platform offers a great room for developing, evaluating and optimizing novel, hardware assisted switching and routing algorithms, application gateways, protocol transcoders. It is a perfect tool for researchers and prototype designers of state-of-the-art networking paradigms.
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Traffic analysis
Lossless packet capture and precise timestamping are key factors in network monitoring. Specialized equipment is essential for making sure that all traffic is captured, analyzed and stored. Hardware-supported filtering powered by flexible FPGA-based analysis modules accelerate the traffic processing, allowing extra resources for deep packet inspection, traffic mix, traffic matrix and further, flow- or packet-based calculation.