SGA - 155

The SGA-155 card is AITIA's solution for handling STM-1 network connections and for supporting applications with large computation demand. The wide application variety of the card is due to its large capacity FPGA: with a simple firmware change the whole application domain of STM-1 based networks can be covered (from ATM networks to asynchronously mapped PCM links). Further interfaces can be fitted using the feature connectors on the card - this way up to 40 E1 links can be covered with a single card, hence significantly reducing costs. The on-board memory prevents the card from turning to the host PC's CPU in unnecessarily.

Technological Description

  • PCI Express endpoint connector with 100 MHz reference clock driving
  • FPGA: Virtex XCV600BG432 - 5
  • PCI driver: AMCC 5935
  • STM RX/TX: 2 x AFBR5905
  • RAM: 2 x 512 KB
  • Feature Connector: 3x40 pin standard IDE


  • STM-1 / ATM / AAL5 / monitor 2x16 VPI/VCI filter, high speed DMA transmission
  • STM-1 test transmitters, emulators


  • Monitoring STM-a networks
  • Lossless packet capturing, processing, filtering and forwarding in STM-1 networks
  • Real-time protocol analysis

SGA-155 Architecture