AITIA's IP Core licenses

Our IP core binaries are proven to be compatible with Virtex-6 and Virtex-7 FPGA architectures, but we can provide you wrappers and compatible binaries for other suitable Xilinx FPGAs if needed.

Core license types:
The conditions below apply to the 100 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s PCS/PMA and MAC cores.

  • Free license: simulation only version of the IP core, also with limited packet processing capabilities. Download
    Contact us for an implementable version of the free core.
  • Academic license: Only available for Universities and academic researchers. Simulation and binary instantiation of the core is allowed. No functional limitations.
    List price: 350 EUR
    Please contact us for full license including source codes.
  • Commercial base-license: You are allowed to simulate, instantiate and use the core in any project you like. No functional limitations.
    List price: 1000 EUR
  • Commercial full-license: Besides the features of the base-license, you get the full source code for the IP core along with use case samples, and implementation examples for the C-GEP platform.
    List price: 5000 EUR
  • Extended support: We provide consultation and extended support for your development and specific applications.

License feature comparison table:
License type Contains Limitation
Free license Simulation model, and testbenches First 10000 frames are processed, marker is speed up for faster simulation
Base/Academic-license IP core in binary form (NGC), testbenches, and instantiaton examples for Virtex-6(7) devices No limitations, but source code not available
Full-featured license Source code for all modules, testbenches, and instantiaton examples for Virtex-6(7) devices, and C-GEP devices No limitations, full source is available. You are allowed to use, and modify the core as you like.