SGA Hardware-aided PCAP Replayer application

The hardware-aided SGA PCAP Replayer is the ideal choice for network device stress testing and troubleshooting. With this application you can replay any PCAP format file with any physical speed supported by our SGA Ethernet cards.

Supported SGA Ethernet cards:

  • SGA-10GED,

FPGA firmware functions

  • NSEC resolution accurate send timing on any supported speed and any frame length,
  • Minimal processor load during playback,
  • On-the-fly hardware reconstruction of truncated packets, and checksum recalculation,
  • Maximal wire speed playback possible,
  • Truncated, or full packet capture,
  • Far-end loopback capable (transmit received frames),
  • Simple packet generator function.

100 Gb/s bps PCS/PMA+MAC IP Core

Replayer application functions

  • PCAP Replay rate and maximum allowed link speed is freely variable,
  • Traffic generator function,
  • Packet capture mode,
  • Endless looping replay of file,
  • Dump output directly to a file (file-writer mode),
  • Command line multi-platform versions available for Windows and Linux.