C-GEP 20 Monitoring application

The C-GEP 20 Monitoring system is the direct successor to the CBOARD. The devices main purpose remains the same: lossless packet processing on 10 Gb/s and distribution to 1 Gb/s monitor interfaces. Compared to the CBOARD, the C-GEP 20 has 20 pieces of 1 Gb/s interfaces, DDR3 memory modules, and one single, but more powerful Virtex 6 FPGA processor.

FPGA firmware functions

  • 10 Gbit/s MAC receiver with error detection,
  • NTP timestamp handler module, timestamp source is synchronized on both 10 Gbit/s interfaces,
  • Ethernet frame parser, decode multiple layers of protocols,
  • Extended filter rulesets with many, protocol specific parameter settings,
  • Traffic distribution to multiple outputs,
  • Packet steering by GTP-U ports or fragmented IP packets,
  • Packet truncate length is selectable for every filter rule,
  • Hardware implementation of TCP stream sender module.

Web UI management functions

The following figures show parts of the C-GEP 20's general statistics, and filter summary pages:
100 Gb/s bps PCS/PMA+MAC IP Core 100 Gb/s bps PCS/PMA+MAC IP Core